Terms and conditions for Terapulse

Last updated: January 4th 2024

1 Service Description

Provides a digital platform for users to upload product images and modify their backgrounds based on user selection. Users must provide a brief description of the product for optimal service use.

2 User Responsibilities

Users must own or have rights to the original images uploaded. Uploading of adult material, including any form of nudity, is strictly prohibited. Users are responsible for ensuring their content adheres to these standards.

3 Intellectual Property Rights

The user retains ownership and rights to use the modified images, including for commercial purposes. Terapulse may request permission to use images for promotional purposes but will not use them without explicit consent from the user.

4 Privacy and Data Usage

User data, including original and modified images, are encrypted both in transit and at rest. Terapulse reserves the right to review images for compliance with these terms. Users must provide a username and email for account creation. All payments are processed through a third-party service, Chargebee.

5 Limitation of Liability

While Terapulse strives to provide high-quality image modifications, perfect results are not guaranteed. Instances of unsatisfactory image generation due to technical limitations will not be eligible for refunds. However, failures due to service errors will not incur charges.

6 Payment and Credits

Services are accessed through the purchase of credits, where one credit equals one image generation. Credits can be bought via one-time purchases.

7 User Conduct and Restrictions

Users are prohibited from uploading illegal material or exploiting the service’s resources in unintended ways. Violation of these terms may result in permanent account termination.

8 Termination and Suspension

Terapulse reserves the right to terminate or suspend user accounts for breaches of these terms.

9 Changes to Terms and Conditions

Users will be notified of any changes to these terms via the email provided at signup.

10 Miscellaneous

New accounts receive a set number of free credits. Creation of multiple accounts to acquire additional free credits is prohibited. Free users may experience limitations such as reduced priority or lower resolution images.