Jese Leos

Best practices for successful prototypes

Using terapuls is extremely simple, but you might want to know a few tips that will ensure the best results.

In this short post, we'll go through:

-What images to use
-How to best describe the subject

Best images to use

You can throw any image you want into terapuls, and chances are you'll get a decent image. However, some images work better than others.

First, due to a limitation of the underlying AI model, square images and ratios close to it, like 3:4, work the best.

Secondly, as a limitation of the underlying AI model, square images and ratios close to it like 3:4 work the best. This doesn't mean you can't use a larger image, but there is an increased chance that the image will have some artifacts.

How to describe the subject

The subject is used by our model to determine which object is the main one. As such your product doesn't have to be exactly in the center of the image or be the most prominent.

The best way to describe the subject is a very short description like the examples below

  • Subject used: avocado plushy
    Subject used: a watch
  • Avoid describing the subject in the same manner as you would for a diffusion model like Dalle or Stable Diffusion, such as 'A yellow and green avocado plush toy on a...'. Remember, Terapulse does the heavy work for you!

    Note: starting the subject with "a" or "an" doesn't affect the result

    Limitations and things to keep in mind

    Sometimes you might notice that the resulting image has changed the subject; this is because the model didn't fully capture the main subject and as a result, it will fill it as it sees fit. To counter this, you can describe the subject more verbosely; let's take a look at the following image.

    A photo of a pumpkin light

    This product is quite unusual; it features a sad pumpkin lamp wearing shoes. If you were to describe it as just 'a lamp' or 'pumpkin,' the shoes would be cut off. To fix this, I described it as 'a pumpkin wearing shoes,' and the result was this:

    And as you can see the lamp was fully captured.

    -Terapuls is still an early product

    and as such, you might encounter errors occasionally which are not due to a fault on your end; in this case, no credits will be deducted.

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